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NE Portland Restoration

by Jack
(NE Portland)

NE Portland Drywall After

NE Portland Drywall After

NE Portland Drywall After NE Portland Drywall Before

I had a tragic water leak and it wiped out a wall and caused a lot of damage. I was assigned (by my insurance company) to a local restoration contractor (who shall remain nameless... for obvious reasons) and they put me on hold for 3 weeks! I was furious! I fired them and decided to do it my self. I contacted several contractors to come out and give me bids.

I ended up hiring Kemper Drywall to repair the walls. They did an amazing job! I was very please and happy. I would reccomend them to anyone. In fact, i already have.

Best wishes Kemper Drywall and crew!

- Jack

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