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Painting My New House

by Alexander

Paint and Drywall

Paint and Drywall

I have always been a DIY homeowner. As a owner / builder, I decided to hire my own contractors for my new house. I got a lot of bids and screened my final 5 quotes very heavily. All 5 companies came with great references and their work looked good also.

I am very pleased that I selected Kemper Drywall for my painting and drywall. The quality of work was outstanding. All of my estimates came in around the same price, but Kemper was the only one that did painting AND drywall. It was a no-brainer at that point. I saved time by having only 1 contractor to deal with.

I included a cool fireplace that I framed in. It turned out well. Hope to move in soon.

I will definitely use them on my next project.

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