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Quiet Rock (sound insulating) drywall

by Jay

Kemper provided drywall on the walls and Quiet Rock (sound insulating) drywall on the ceilings in our 1200 square foot basement. The work also included taping and texturing.

Overall the process was OK. There was a slight communication error on their part about the type of material we wanted on the ceilings, so the start date was set back. However, they were able to make up time and finish the project on time. Also, they underestimated the amount of materials they needed, but they were able to procure additional materials quickly to finish on time. They performed a walk through prior to work starting to inspect the framing so that the finished product would turn out better. The workers were courteous and professional. However, the quality of the finished product was not as I expected for the price. It might have been because they were rushing to complete the project on schedule.

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