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Remodel Job

by Lorena

Remodel job where we took two small bedrooms and a very small bath and converted it into one master bedroom with a master bath.

I was referred to Kemper by Kenz Insulation. (Both did a great job.) I called to let them know I wanted a bid and someone called me back within 2-3 minutes. This was exceptional given that I had called 3 companies prior -- 1 still hasn't called me back, and the other two said they were too busy to even give me a bid and to call them back if I couldn't find someone else to do it. Paul from Kemper came out to give me a bid the next day and was able to schedule the work the next week. It took a couple extra days than anticipated, but it wasn't a big deal as I wasn't in a huge hurry. Paul was great at communicating with me, and I was lucky enough to have him supervise the job. The quality of the work was amazing. The only issue I had was that the workers mistakenly took my level and on the last day one of them broke a lamp in the living room, but I determined a fair value for both items and discussed with Paul to deduct that amount from my remaining amount due.

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